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Established 1936
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The Clevemore Family would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday.
December 21, 2014:
  Mass at Sacred Heart Church and
  then Hat day on 2nd Street.

December 26, 2014:
   Move in day for the convention  

December 28, 2014:
   Practice Begins at the convention center. Click on link to the left for the schedule.

1. Michael Adams (Shooting Stars)
2. Joey Gallagher (Jokers)
3. Frank DeVito (Downtowners)
4. Gerald Roccia (South Philly Vikings)
5. Bob Runowski (Golden Crown)
6. John Bielec Jr. (Satin Slipper)
7. Jack Hatty. (Saturnalian)
8. Bob Fitzmaurice (Avenuers)
9. Ralph Tursi (Clevemore)
10.      Tom "Terk" Gindville (Spartans)
11.      Richie Lind (2nd Street Shooter)

1.Shooting Stars:   Atlantis Guardians of the Deep
2.Jokers:     Dead Men Tell No Tales- A Journey Into Blackbeard's Realm
3.Downtowners:    Beyond Wonderland: A Mad Hatters World
4.So. Phila. Vikings:     The City of Steam
5.Golden Crown:         The Legend of Angkor Wat
6.       Satin Slippers:    Adventure of Enchantment
7.Saturnalian:     Twisted treats and Sinister Sweetse
8.Avenuers:         Polynesian Adventure
9.Clevemore: OZ: Journey out of Darkness
10.     Spartans: One Nation, Valley of the Drums
11.     2nd Street Shooters:          The Dead Will Rise

Captain:     Ralph Tusi
Co-Captain:     Steve Masino
President:  Donald Cola
Vice-President:Sherri Ann Ouimette
Treasurer:  Annette Granato
Secretary:  JacquelineTursi
Sargeant at
Arms:                     Joe Rita

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2014 Parade Results
2014 Captain Results
Clevemore would like to congratulate the Shooting Stars and Michael Adams on their 1st prize win in the 2014 mummers parade.
2015 Line of March
1. South Philly Vikings:Day of the Avatar/Master of the Elements
2. Golden Crown:   A Prince's Tale
3. Downtowners:    Merlin's Mystical Realm
4. 2nd Street Shooters: Winter's Fantasy
5. Clevemore:  Ritual the Devil's Domain
6. Avenuers    CarnEvil
7. Shooting Stars:  The Mysterious Island
8.         Satin Slipper:     Midnight in the Mansion
9.         Spartans:    The Pharaoh's Revenge
10.       Jokers:       Glory of Rome: Siege of the Barbarians
11.       Saturnalians:    Space a whole New Dimension